Meet the Track IQ team at:

Asia pacific Rail
HKCEC, Hong Kong
20-21 March 2018

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t: +61(0)8 7099 4600

17-19 King William St, Kent Town
South Australia, AUSTRALIA 5067

Track IQ was presented with an
award for Innovation Excellence
by SNCF for RailBAM, Track IQ’s
Bearing Acoustic Monitor.


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Wayside Monitoring Systems
Global product and software solutions for the rail industry.
Contains all Track IQ products.

FleetONE™ Flyer
Track IQ™ developed FleetONE software to extend the capability of your Wayside Monitoring hardware interface. Facilitating a monitoring and data mining portal, key vehicle metrics are now available through a web based application.

OnePASS Flyer
The entry level to an integrated wayside monitoring site.

Bearing Acoustic Monitor (RailBAM®) Flyer
Using advanced "beam forming" technology the RailBAM bearing acoustic monitor detects early and advanced bearing defects on rolling stock wheels during train passby at line speed.

Wheel Condition Monitor (WCM®) Flyer
Rolling wheel contact surface condition is able to be measured to unsurpassed accuracy using the Track IQ Wheel Condition Monitor (WCM), allowing resolution of wheel "flats" and spalling/shelling.

RailCAM Flyer
Enables fleet managers to see and make informed decisions about the assets they manage, providing instant images and video evidence of occurrences.

PhotoTAG™ Flyer
PhotoTAG uses a wayside mounted, high speed camera to capture vehicle identification nomenclature during pass-by.

Train Noise Monitor (TNM™) Flyer
Wayside mounted camera combined with high precision microphone to identify high noise levels, and a matched image can identify offending vehicles.

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