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Asia pacific Rail
HKCEC, Hong Kong
20-21 March 2018

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t: +61(0)8 7099 4600

17-19 King William St, Kent Town
South Australia, AUSTRALIA 5067

Track IQ was presented with an
award for Innovation Excellence
by SNCF for RailBAM, Track IQ’s
Bearing Acoustic Monitor.


RailSQAD® - Squeal Acoustic Detection


RailSQAD is an advanced acoustic array system. The RailSQAD trackside installation comprises a cabinet housing and microphone array, with trackside sensors to measure wheel speed and direction and wagon identification AEI tags. All data streams are connected to a PC-based data processing unit that applies advanced signal processing techniques to follow individual wheelsets of a train and to record and analyse the noise emitted by wheel/rail interaction.

Wheelset noise emissions are classified as Squealing or Flanging and then ranked according to noise level against agreed criteria. All processed data is imported into the FleetONE Trending Database that produces statistical data for analysis against varying train operating parameters, rollingstock condition and environmental conditions.