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20-21 March 2018

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17-19 King William St, Kent Town
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Track IQ was presented with an
award for Innovation Excellence
by SNCF for RailBAM, Track IQ’s
Bearing Acoustic Monitor.


Wheel Condition Monitor - WCM®


The Track IQ Wheel Condition Monitor (WCM®) is an innovative and cost-effective trackside system for automated Wheel Condition Monitoring. It is capable of detecting wheel defects including wheel spalls, Out of Round (OOR) Conditions, Shelling, Wheel Surface Defects and Long Period Defects. The WCM is a hybrid system using both accelerometers and strain gauges to give 100% wheel surface coverage and to resolve multiple defects on a wheel. Track IQ has installed over 60 WCM systems throughout the world.

The WCM System consists of an array of clamp-on track-mounted sensors and trackside processors to evaluate and process signals. The system mounts to the standard track structure with no requirement for concrete sleepers. Shielded cabling is used as required for electrified environments. The system is modular and can be replaced in component sections.

Routine track maintenance (e.g. tamping operations) can be undertaken by the customer with no removal of the WCM from the rail required. If necessary, the system can be removed from the rail without Track IQ support. Ongoing maintenance of the WCM system is minimal, requiring only an annual check of the sensor clamps.

Track-mounted arrays are fully electrically insulated and do not compromise signaling or rail monitoring. The WCM arrays are self-compensating and auto-calibrating to ensure a linear and scaled response in areas of changing track modulus and climate.